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Esther Nagle

Yoga Instructor | ADHD Warrior

Esther is a yoga instructor, writer, and self proclaimed ADHD warrior. As many of us already know life with ADHD can be intensely stressful sometimes for a multitude of reasons. It can seem to be impossible to relax and shake off that stress when your brain just won’t stop! Through Yoga you can develop a valuable toolbox of techniques to release, process and manage your stress, and relax beautifully when you need to.

My Journey

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Since 2014 when Yoga became my unexpected addiction recovery program, I knew that there was a purpose and a mission to my life. That even if it wasn’t that ‘everything happens for a reason’, that I could and MUST take the struggles I had overcome, and the ways I had found to overcome them, and use that learning to help others. 

 Yoga helps me manage the whirlpools that my ADHD brain creates on a moment by moment basis. Learning to breathe, to relax, to release physical and mental tension, to accept life as it is, to accept and forgive myself, and to be able to look at myself and my life with compassion, gratitude and a desire to learn from my mistakes are all gifts that Yoga gave me.  Let me help you on your journey and share what i have learned.

Be Still, Stay Wild, Be you

Yoga isn’t about trying to change who you are. It is about finding out who you are. Soothing and stilling the parts that need to be stilled. Celebrating the parts that need to stay wild.  Learning to be you in all your glorious YOUness
Yoga can help you to manage the challenging aspects of your ADHD, while helping you see and embrace the gifts and strengths you have in abundance because of your ADHD


Develop a greater awarness of your emotions, how you respond to them , and how you take control of them.


Deepen your connection to yourself, and the world around you


Find stillness in your mind and body.  Rest, relax and restore your mental and physical wellbeing

Self Acceptance

Find gifts within, and learn to love and accept yourself as you are.


Esther is an amazing woman that through the art of yoga changes lives. Having been through her own tribulations she is able to relate to those going through difficulties and offers an alternative way of dealing with issues they face. Esther probably doesn’t realise the powerful woman she is and how her outlook influences others to believe in something better.

- N. Foster

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