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Our Mission

Too many people believe that their ADHD symptoms are impossible to manage and will inevitably hold them back from all their dreams.


This is why we have set out to create a community for adults who are living with ADHD.  We want to empower those who are looking for a way forward through intentional living, a healthy lifestyle, and personal growth.

About Us

ADHD Lifestyle Magazine is a start-up created in 2020. Founder and Creator Steffanie Vagnozzi left the corporate world and developed the concept for the ADHD Lifestyle brand based on her passion for empowering adults with ADHD to achieve their goals. 

We are currently a volunteer-based organization. All proceeds from the sale of our magazine, essential oils, art, and advertisements are used to cover our printing, design, and other administrative costs. (who knew doing what you love could cost so much!) 


We are so thankful to have met and had the chance to work with our team of amazing volunteers, and we can continue to grow and expand our reach. 

Donations Welcome

If you enjoy our content, please consider making a small donation to our community.


Thank you for your continued support!

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