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Our member spotlight is focused on bringing you closer to other members of our ADHD Lifestyle Community.  Each member featured has been touched by ADHD in some way, we encourage you to reach out and connect with anyone featured in this section. 

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Entrepreneur, ADHD Advocate, ADHD Parent


Yakini is a mom with ADHD that has two children, both with ADHD. She has an MBA and degrees in engineering and mass communications, but her strong passion is advocating for parents that have children with ADHD and parents that have ADHD through her ADHD Love platform. She hosts ADHD Love Parent Talk which you can currently find on Youtube (ADHD Love 2020), Facebook and Instagram at @adhdlove2020

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Life / ADHD Coach

Andy Gil

Andy is a Life Coach, father, husband, family man, and friend. Diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, Andy spent nearly two decades in Construction Management before launching his Coaching Business. He has developed extensive coaching, leadership, business development, team building, process, strategy skills, and built a solid foundation to launch a coaching career. His successes and, more importantly, failures have provided him the most valuable lessons.

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Entrepreneur, ADHD Influencer, and Optimist 

Bri Plyler

Bri Plyler is co-owner of Odin Custom Construction and creator of The House that ADHD built, an online community centered around helping those with ADHD learn to love themselves and their brains. I believe that the key to unlocking our gifts is to learn to observe our challenges instead of judging them. As an entrepreneur with ADHD and a relentless optimist, my passion is sharing the message that struggles and success go hand in hand.

Voice Actor, Entrepreneur, and ADHD Lifestyle YouTube Channel Guest Host

JD Kelly

JD Kelly has been a full time Voice Actor for several years; he finds it one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Allowing him to be part of different worlds, stories and imaginations.  As a lover of video games, anime, singing & audio books; voice acting is more than just a job to him, it’s a passion.  JD has a small home studio which allows him to work remotely or travel to recording studios in the UK.

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Creator & Founder ADHD Lifestyle Magazine, ADHD Coach, and Entrepreneur


Steffanie Vagnozzi

Steffanie Vagnozzi is a Life Planning Specialist and Creator of ADHD Lifestyle Magazine. As a business professional and adult with ADHD, Steffanie aims to live a life that is rich in self-discovery so that she can empower herself and others to learn, grow, and succeed. Through ADHD Lifestyle Magazine she hopes to share that vision with others, by creating a magazine that is about welcoming positivity, recognizing character strengths and living with a growth mindset.