F.R.E.E Planning Process

Focus | Reward | Energize | Execute

After years of trying different strategies to stay focused, we created the F.R.E.E Planning Process.  Adopted this technique from the popular used Pomodoro Technique, we use focused intervals of work, followed by a rewards structure. This cycle of work and reward helps to motivate us by breaking up larger projects into smaller more manageable tasks and promoting positivity and your sense of accomplishment for each task completed. 


The ADHD mind is wired differently, this is why we must continue to explore ways to stay engaged and promote our natural abilities.  The F.R.E.E Planning Process uses work intervals of 20 mins, after each work interval is completed you are reward with a 5 min break to let your mind be free.  During this time, grab a cup of coffee, grab a snack, explore your social media accounts, make notes in your distraction log, whatever you need, but after 5 min you jump back into your next task.  Your break time is increased after you successfully complete 3 work cycles.

How Does it work?

FREE Planning Process - Cycle Square.png


Focus and clearly d


You completed a task on your list, great job!  Reward yourself with something special.


Now that you are energized from your break, move on to the next task and re-set timer for 20 minutes


You have all the tools you need, make a checklist to ensure you are executing according to plan


These eight simple worksheets helped me: advance my professional career as I ascended to Vice President of Sales in a male-dominated industry; navigate a long-distance relationship; facilitate a 1,500-mile move from Houston to Philadelphia; stay on track during my wedding planning; and most recently helped me launch ADHD Lifestyle Magazine. 

Don't misunderstand. I have my share of good days and bad days. I sometimes stop using them at all and lose track of my direction. To be the most productive, these tools are made to be used every day. But it is crucial when you do forget to use them, to forgive yourself and start again. These tools ultimately helped me stay centered as I took on each new personal and professional challenge. 

My only wish was that I had developed these tools earlier in life. That's why I want to share these tools with you and the rest of our ADHD Lifestyle community in hopes that they will help you on your journey.