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The House that ADHD Built

Bri Plyler is co-owner of Odin Custom Construction and creator of The House that ADHD built, an online community centered around helping those with ADHD learn to love themselves and their brains. "I believe that the key to unlocking our gifts is to learn to observe our challenges instead of judging them. As an entrepreneur with ADHD and a relentless optimist, my passion is sharing the message that struggles and success go hand in hand."Bri Plyler

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Slow Mindful Yoga

People with ADHD are especially distracted by external stimuli and are inclined to scan, seek, and pay attention to everything outside of themselves. This is understandable. The world is a fascinating place and the senses easily become enthralled by it. Ancient yoga philosophy talks about the senses as if they are like five wild horses–they will go in all sorts of different directions. The mind can also be wild.

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